Smart Storage Systems

Learn all you can about current and future developments and opportunities of smart storage systems.

Expectations about storage systems are great. Innovations are abundant and on a daily basis media covers: charge- discharge cycles, storage capacity, falling prices, increasing fields of application and the use of resources. Has Li-Ion already won the battle for competing technologies?

Although storage systems are primarily used for servers, hospitals and some autarcic living front runners, on a global level storagesystems are a ‘disrupting’ energytechnology: falling prices, large production facilities being build and Germany subsidizing storage solutions.

Smart storage solutions starts here.

Battery That Could Last a Lifetime

Mya Le Thai of the University of California seem to have created a battery with a lifespan of over 200,000 charge cycles, read more about this ‘accident’. All kinds of electrical devices we have today are made to have a limited lifetime, which perfectly serves the interests of the consumerist society we live in. Just […]

Solar Solutions International 2015, beurs in Expo Haarlemmermeer

(Nederlands) Saldering effectiefste instrument (SEO)

‘Salderingsregeling uitbreiden om op meer locaties zonnepanelen mogelijk te maken’ [BRON: SOLAR MAGAZINE, 26-11-2015] Saldering is het effectiefste instrument om de ambitie voor hernieuwbare elektriciteit op te schroeven. Dit blijkt uit het SEO-onderzoek ‘Nieuwe impulsen voor hernieuwbare elektriciteitsvoorziening in 2020-2030′. Greenpeace en Nuon lieten dit onderzoek uitvoeren door SEO. SEO Economisch Onderzoek doet onafhankelijk toegepast […]